Let us sample two lads, who are seemingly playing identical twins in and during their daily routines while in possession of an insured car. These fellows do not like being referred to as children by their parents; instead they would rather be known as young adults. It is only fair then that we set their age on auto default-twenty four (24) years. These two guys were once classmates in college hence share the same occupation. Again, since both surfer similar driving diahorrhea, they both present identical driving symptoms. As if to outwit each other, they were diagnosed to have driven and covered a whooping 10000miles each in one year- Phew! On being snapped up by the traffic law enforcement agents, the two were found to have attended the same driving school and surely passed the advanced driving examination. The officer grinned- in a manner likely to suggest wielding a whip-but let them go reluctantly. The list of similar traits goes on and on-none of the two was married-explains why each had a sixteen year old “babe” occupying the co-driver’s seat almost on permanent basis.

The above named identical suspects were favourite darlings of insurance firms in the UK. They knew of the short term car insurance premiums. Needless to mention, they were both insured by one insurance company through one broker with identical options. Strangely, one of them pays nearly twice as much as his counterpart annually. The one who pays less was discovered to have rented a flat in Leeds, while his twin friend lives with his parents in East London, where car insurance rates are comparatively high in the UK. Unfortunately, this part of London is regarded as one of the insurance black “spots”.

All insurance firms especially in the UK offer insurance premiums-whether short term Car insurance or otherwise, base it on various risks which they take into account. Examples of such risks include parking your vehicle at your residence where the statistic claims made by premium policy holders from the same location indicate high risk.

The aforesaid, plus many other factors, aggregate to determine the risk of damage to a car or its loss-thus influencing the premium levels that you will pay per annum. Previous research reveals that short term car insurance premiums are higher in East London and post the lowest in Dundee.

Whereas in most rural countryside areas, insurance firms typically demand lower premium rates for short term car insurance premiums as compared to cities and towns. This, of course is not the rule of thumb, because even if one lives in a rural set up with low levels of car theft crime, the premium may not necessarily indicate that rate, and thus the value which the insurers should have to pay goes up.

For as long as insurers offering short term car insurance keeps on loading premiums on areas perceived to be “high-risk” urban areas, the said short term car insurance expenses will keep on rising-more so in locations like East London while prime areas of Dundee and Aberdeen remains relegated to the bottom of the premium league tables.